Volume 4 Issue 78 July 19 1998


GAO: GSA's oversight of advisory panels OK

HHS identifier puts privacy at risk

Microsoft nabs $116M VA software pact

Hill to debate GPO overhaul

FAA expands telecom network contract

Federal Bytes

Lockheed Martin tests multimedia conferencing

Documentum unwraps EDMS 98


OAG unveils intranet-based travel planning software

The security champ

Local exchange carrier lands AF contract

The expanding world of enterprise storage

HP introduces Pentium II Xeon workstations

Feds not IDing key systems for Y2K fixes, GAO says

Agencies should jump on PMAT wagon

PBS to outsource systems development

Treasury studies outsourcing ATM

USPS taps US Bank for purchase cards

Tauzin to Introduce E-Rate Funding Bill; E-Rate Rapped at Hill Hearing

Vinca unveils DOS/NetWare net utility


Net Associates ships Sniffer for high-speed nets

Critics question 'Star Wars' tech

White House: E-forms bill impedes Y2K fix

IT warfare test starts

Tools make Wintel low-cost option to NetPCs

Senate curbs outsourcing bill

Amendment redefines pay-raise factor

CBD Watch

Industry Watch


Clinton speaks out on Y2K

Innovation, tech refresh fuel SEWP II

DOJ site shows you the scenes of the crimes

Panasonic CF-M31 challenges Toshiba Libretto


AMD's K6-2: A strong alternative to Intel's PII

Optivision helps DISA communicate with video

What are the rules for task-order pacts?

Buying tips for Year 2000 tools

FTS to form services centers

Survey: Feds undecided about seat management

Business Objects tailors tools for extranets

SBA works on Y2K internally, with small biz

Vendors follow DOD records standard

Police Check Out Faster, Friendlier Investigative Tools

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