Volume 4 Issue 8 February 15 1998


NSF's Digital initiative to solve cross-agency IT problems

IDP unveils hybrid desktop/notebook computer design

A second big push

OSD names new CIO, keeps C3I office intact

Resellers, manufacturers jockey for market position

Amdahl unveils high-end CMOS mainframe models

EPA manager creates environment for data

VA abandons PAIRS in favor of existing contract vehicles

WAAS costs still headed skyward

DOJ takes crime-fighting message online to kids

Lawsuit challenges feds' right to put data on Web

Fund honors dean's legacy


Outsourcing CIO post poses questions

Spectrum battles mire Defense in budget & safety straits (Part 1 of 2)

Bill would guarantee funding for Next Generation Internet

Warfare center views Y2K fix as chance to upgrade system

Council chair to be 'facilitator'

Dell taps Wang as fed service provider

CA launches unsolicited $9 billion bid for CSC

Federal Bytes

GAO sides with Raytheon in Volpe protest

INS to deploy fingerprint scanners in fight against citizenship fraud

What constitutes insider trading?

Netscape allays acquisition rumors

Energy, IBM sign $85M pact for world's fastest computer

Y2K costs could sap Clinton's technology budget requests

Pendulum metaphor need not dictate our destinies

Navy, AF outsourcing to save billions

Spectrum battles mire Defense in budget & safety straits (Part 2 of 2)

Legal appeals call for attention to details

Team lays out plans for virtual med system

New Intel chip leads to new models, falling prices

Senate Bill Would Guarantee Next Generation Internet Funding For Two Years


A reformed federal printing law soon? Don't hold your breath

Dunn Computer acquires IDP in $23M cash/stock deal

Four vendors win DOE research pacts



White House Turns Attention to Local Government Y2K Crisis; Forms Federal Council

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