Volume 4 Issue 81 August 9 1998


DOD to use IT for nuke cleanup

Sun Fed enters NT debate

ITS: The New Road Rage

Dell adds leasing to GSA schedule

Merisel creates fed division

Expanded CBDNet falls apart

Scouting out Year 2000 solutions for the desktop

GSA's MAS program: Look before you leap

FAA reports two-thirds of systems Y2K-compliant

SmartDB upgrades app integration tool

DLA data errors let tech gear out

A Long Road to Health for Failed California Child Support Project

LAN-based videoconferencing now on GSA

VA project lets workers do self-service HR

NASA to put Net in the stars

CBD Watch

War College embarks on 'golden age'

IT at core of mission

IEEE picks Lucent wireless proposal

Task force to make IT accessible to disabled

Get good legal help for appeal

GAO questions success of Census test

GPS Plots the Public Sector

DISA unveils new plans for DMS

Tools for managing the desktop

INS: Splitting agency would harm info tech

Defense mulls securing comm with vendors

Federal Bytes

Industry Watch


Future Shop

Financial Software: Adding up the Cost of Public Services

GAO scolds FAA over Year 2000

Savant adds new tools to diagnostic software

Treasury mulls how to buy phone service

Oracle Plays the Child Welfare Market

Panasonic expands ruggedized line

Industry balks at Clinton critical protection plan

Council's site offers Y2K info

New Mexico Data 'Framework' Holds Tips for National GIS System

Rivals Look to Seed Technology in State and Local Agencies


Gaining perspective on seat management

Boole extends scope, accessibility of Command/Post


Retirement plan switch not an easy choice

NIH boosts the EC in ECS II

FACNET alternative adds Defense users

Roster Change

The Rage for Value


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