Volume 5 Issue 105 June 6 1999


What If It Doesn't Work?

EPA site makes smog data clearly accessible

IRS inks electronic software delivery deal

NASA employs 3-D images in collaborative clinic

House panel boosts military IT funding

House bill lets FAA use tax money for new IT

Graphics Powerhouses

Remote-comm vendor enters fed market

Street-Smart Tech

Cisco debuts stackable workgroup switches

Digital Budget Wars

Education expands data center outsourcing

IDI gears up Portable-3

Pen tablets show impressive tech gains

Dell expands offerings on its GSA schedule

Federal IT job overhaul overdue

Federal Bytes

Agencies batten down

SMS Data Products enters SAN market

Florida Web Forum Points State Webbies to Resources

Balancing Act

New Web Site Lists Debarred and Suspended Vendors

GSA site a source for Web services

Now playing: 'Revolution in Business Affairs'

Army to award $400M fleet tracking pact


Order and Law

Rhode Island Considers E-Mall

No bias in screening, court rules

Roster Change

GSA hopes smart card gains fans

Wireless net boosts shuttle operations

EPA outlines plan for new IT office

Navy taps Comsat for satellite communications

Fedwire Briefs


Palmtops Rescue L.A. Fire Data

News Shorts

CSC wins computer forensics pact

SSA seeks tool to handle customer complaints

GAO wants USDA to finish Y2K contingency plans sooner

House urges upgrade

Census seeks more IT funds for 2000 head count

Announcing Daily Departures

OMB orders feds to post privacy notice

Market emerges for piecemeal 'seat' services

WordPerfect Office 2000: Powerful, easy to use

Moving Beyond 'Low-Bid' Wins

Jersey City Nabbed for Unlicensed Software Use

Cyber. Covered.

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