Volume 5 Issue 15 January 24 1999


Ruggedized notebook packs power

Accommodations for injured feds are limited

Feds work on student online service

Fedwire Briefs

CIAO chief charges against cyberthreats

White House proposes big hike in IT research funding for 2000

Webmaster training crucial

Navy intranet stakes raised

San Francisco says no to Marines' high-tech exercise

Labor takes step toward paperless benefits filing


Storage dilemma looms

BLM site earns kudos

Koskinen: Feds OK on Y2K

Lotus Notes update proves solid

Feds Open New Round of GIS Funding

Cost-analysis software wins fed business

Clinton: $1.4B to fight cyberterror

GSA awards $25 billion IT services pact

MCI wins in Round Two of FTS 2001

Lax security risks taxpayer data

How can winners defend awards?

Industry Watch

DOD predicts success in preparations for Y2K

GSA to test new buying concept

Group disbands intergovernmental panel

Wireless standard still a disconnect

Visio enhancements ease diagramming

Tight budgets pinch training, CIOs report

25 tapped for ITOP-II

Dell builds sales success around strong customer relationships

Air Force lab develops tech to secure digital imagery

GTE to sell government group

Bell Atlantic rings up hardware sales

Integrators aim high on software methodology

Rivalry forming over FTS 2001 transition

Defense gets tough with acquisition training criteria

Clinton gives missile defense program boost

Federal Bytes

PBS picks Piatt as CIO

Schedule sales dominate fed buying

Clinton calls for $1.4 billion to secure key systems

Cyber. Covered.

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