Volume 5 Issue 161 August 22 1999


Four firms face off on sim biz

Nexor delivers Unix client for Exchange

Fedwire Briefs

Competitors not fazed by Iridium woes

Technology key to tracking down Internet crime

Ruling may change feds' records plans

Ringing up sales

Internet Age passes NTIS by

Roster Change

Texans using online court payment system


NRC site offers nuclear plant info; online licensing

Smart card helps parents filter Web

Federal Web sites should be more like these

NIH division completes gradual VAX phaseout

Van Dyke, Wang finding common bonds

Federal Bytes

New tool turns attention to telecom security risks

CACI builds on recent successes

HCFA revamps Medicare site

WebTrends' Security Analyzer finds network flaws

Industry Watch


Payne leads fed Qwest

Symantec enters handheld faxing market

Try procurement reform, you'll like it

IT may help unlock medical mysteries

Cold War certificates available via Web

Great Lakes brings basic PC to fed market

Letter to the Editor

Palm IIIx packs more of a punch

Spinning a Web of information

Report: USPS must step up audits

USDA begins rollout of HR, finance system

GAO report tries to sort out risk-assessment confusion

GAO drafts financial management guide

Small biz terms force PTO to cancel PC buy

FAA OKs early version of air traffic control system

Mounting an anti-virus defense

NASA seeks input on celestial net

Group offers option to A-76 competition

Senator insists on IT results

NOAA uses GPS to measure monument height

OPM regs clear up lump sum confusion

The dawning of Linux

Illinois tops recent E-Rate distribution

NASA to launch electronic RFP system for major projects

DOE plans ultrafast network

Lifestreams enhances workgroup file sharing

NRC site shares evaluations of nuclear power plants

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