Volume 5 Issue 49 March 14 1999


Reno launches public/private security partnership

Reform empowers Air Force, Navy

Fedwire Briefs

Misdeeds deserve demotion

MCI apparent winner of DOD telecom prize

OMB issues draft electronic guidelines

Federal Bytes

Coast Guard launches search/rescue site

Bill proposes farm forms go digital

Report: Cyberattacks, computer abuse still rising

FAA's next Y2K hurdle: Reinstalling compliant systems

Entrust to secure PeopleSoft ERP solutions

DOD upgrades system for tracking donated blood


GSA will refresh online ordering through Advantage

Urban warfare tech may alter Corps

OMB tags ITOP contract for special treatment

Finding success in security

The skinny on thin-client technology

Feds, states team on Y2K backup plans

NetManage introduces host access suite

Microsoft confirms Windows NT security flaw

Logicon's IT services portfolio has Northrop flying high

Navy tests virtual medical command center

Bell Atlantic adds voice recognition tech

Air Force speeds awards for PCs, add-ons

Senate ready to dole out more Y2K money to feds

New Compaq server targets data centers

Agencies team on biodata project

AF awards final round of BPAs

Roster Change

GTSI beefs up Web presence

BMC to add New Dimension to product offerings

Dual Pentium IIs pack power into servers

Customs regroups its info tech staff

Elliptic Curve Cryptography wins more converts

U.S. must fight cyberterror aggressively

Preference cutoff handcuffs DOD

Society supports electronic mapping system

GSA preps security pacts

FAA puts maintenance system in holding pattern

Local officials deal another blow to Marine high-tech exercise

Cyber. Covered.

Government Cyber Insider tracks the technologies, policies, threats and emerging solutions that shape the cybersecurity landscape.

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