Volume 5 Issue 53 March 21 1999


Comparison shop for health plans online

Federal Bytes

Small-business decline hurts federal IT


House panel told a dash of Y2K fear not all bad

Letters to the Editor

CPI change is hurting retirees

Coast Guard calls for audit of logistics system

Reno launches security alliance

OMB saddles feds with state Y2K data links

IRS installs new software to guard electronic tax data

ITI unveils space-saving PC

TriStrata to enhance its PKI alternative

Reseller targets small buys

Vendors stress ownership cost

Industry hesitant about detection system

MapInfo partner marries maps and video

OFPP readies new GWAC rules of the road

Industry groups take past-performance complaint to OFPP

DOD to step up defense of GPS signals

HUD removes walls between its databases

OMB report: Agencies near Y2K finish line

DOD nears launch of departmentwide PKI


Data warehousing unites agency data

Small enhancements give IE5 a big boost

LOC's Digital Library to expand

Fedwire Briefs

Mapping the world with GIS wares

More feds giving due diligence its due

Storage vendors enter records fray

Coast Guard to expand enhanced GPS system

House Science Committee digitizes hearing room

Litronic nears deal to acquire Pulsar

Report: DOD needs cyberattack authority

Can agencies get credit for trade-ins?


NARA adds history to Digital Classroom

AT&T's big gamble

Expert: NIH needs $200M for research

AF taps 24 for final ITSP awards

OMB report: Feds must shore up state Y2K efforts

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