Volume 5 Issue 86 May 9 1999


Vendors step up PKI push

DOD needs systems to balance finances

LivePage eases complex Web content management

Agencies to plunge into incentive-based contracting

Software bundles biometric solutions

Long-term care gets champion on the Hill

Security concerns drive feds to training program

Army to offer 'information survival' training

Dutch firm launches bid for Wang Global

Lugar looks to boost USDA CIO authority

Feature-rich AutoCAD 2000 debuts

Act would set digital guidelines

States More Proactive Than Feds on Privacy Protection, Advocates Say

Microsoft probes Unix territory

USIA plugs in Kosovar refugees

IRS plans to request first Prime funding

Army expects PIII swap

California Hires San Diego DP Corp. for Y2K Work

Langston foresees an IT-dependent DOD

Feds Offer IT Security Services to State and Local Governments

Federal Bytes

Security must include information superiority

Procurement reform happens

States Agree to Swap Crime Data Files

Rep. preps IT research funding bill

Two methods to manage e-mail madness

DOD-wide database pact imminent

SANs rise on fed horizon

House bill pumps extra $71.9M into Defense IT

Hackers retaliate after NATO bombing


FTS 2001 transition takes center stage

Unix servers: Mainframe redux

Army accelerates radio deployment

CIO panel preps fed 'white pages'


Answering the call at the FAA

Clinton administration disputes Y2K spending report

Fedwire Briefs

FTS streamlines Web site design

LOC picks new material for Digital Library

FBI taps five for services

Procurement reform moving into next phase

San Diego County Has New Outsourcing Honcho

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