Volume 6 Issue 17 February 6 2000


Microsoft delivers competition

Ohio County Selects IBM for Wireless Police Network

Making documents safe for workflow

Navy adds 'PC radios'

Digging digital gold

Madison, Wis., School District Saves $25K with Free Internet Filtering

GSA shores up Seat effort

California Latest State to Offer Online Registrations

Miss. Teachers to get Online Training Tool

Hidden agenda

Attorney General Envisions Crime-Fighting Collaboration


As the Web Turns

Weathering Y2K Backlash

How to Live With Standards (When You Can't Live Without Them)

Missouri Offers Online Legislative Debate

Alaska outposts vote online

Contracts keep training on the air


Navy takes PC game seriously

The budget is just the start

Advanced Server takes on tough tasks

The Circuit

For the Record

A wallet-size wealth of data

Strength in Numbers

Charge It

Reaching across the digital divide

Georgia Legislators Pull Plug on 'RepNet'

Kentucky Derby

Microsoft, Intel to Help Train 400,000 Teachers

Little Kansas Town Proves Paperless Agendas Possible

FAA IT delays mount

Third time's a charm

Tech Won't help Census

Intell's computer balancing act

Active Directory may spark turf battles

Virginia Rule Making Hits the Internet

Web Start-Up Builds Tax Lien Auction Site

Massachusetts to Monitor Employees' Web Use

N.Y. Takes New Tack on PC Procurement

California Counties to Share Social Services Network

A Digital Rebirth

Bids Sought to Develop Medicaid Data Warehouse

Commerce Grants to Ease 'Digital Divide'

VA seeks cure for accounting woes

Submariners get their turn

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