Volume 6 Issue 21 March 5 2000


Making privacy the priority

Making a Case for Access

A Qwest for federal business

Tax-free Internet means fewer IT workers

Texas Weaves a Framework for E- Gov

FTS 2001 not FAA's route

Micron eyes fed market

Hoosiers Have Say in Web Site Design

Windows 2000 Delivers the Goods

Bill Would Bring Computers to Thousands of Youths

Trillions and trillions of computations

$1.5B DOD security deal in the works

Ins and outs of the law

Sign 'em up

Services with a smile

States on the High-Tech Trail

Fixing a Hole

The new ballot box

No mere threats

New Deal Expands Political Service Web Site

Industry Watch

Brave New World, Brave New Rules

Making the Connection

With liberty and laptops for all?

Regs set for security

Research Project Makes Long Journey

Pa. Gov. Ridge Proposes "Tax-Free PC" Holiday

Tucson Seeks Innovative Tech Proposals

What makes a revolution?

The State and Local 50: A Call for Nominations

Clinton draws line on security

Making workflow a breeze

Task Force Casts Vote Against Online Elections

IBM unveils civic portal strategy

E-process: Putting workflow on the Web

Small-Town Mettle

Nautical charts on demand

Curiosity counts

E-gov tops feds' lists

Getting Out of the Way

EFed Expands into State, Local Market

Clinton Budget Puts IT to Work in Local Communities

Census addresses glitch

Making connections

Citizens @ MyGov.gov

One less day to worry about

The New Line on DMV Services


House: E-Benefits Must Be Standardized

The new soap box

Internet procurement a 'go'

E-Forms Benefits

Forms Follow Function

Fighting a telecom 'rip off'

Full disclosure

E-news hits citizens' desktops

Political conventions get wired, too

Cyber. Covered.

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