Volume 6 Issue 37 May 1 2000



Oklahoma Invites Students to Play Games

Exabyte rounds out library line


Del. Court Internet Site More Than E-Forms

The Open Access Debate

Public services get a hand

E-Mall's Open: Will Shoppers Come?

NASA demos space Net

NIMA charts new course

Bush to fight back with e-gov plan

Making Web meetings a snap

Cable Vision

Setting satellites to network time

Environmental Violations in Delaware Spotlight

NetClerk Offers Contractors Do-it-Yourself Permits

Training managers online

Software Helps Job Seekers

Web publishing simplified

Clinton casts safety net

EPA pushes for deeper paper cuts

Companies Will Reward GIS/GPS Project Ideas

Debugging Telework

The new IT leaders

Net tax report in, but issue isn't over

Breaking the Language Barrier

Gore: Been there, done that

State CIOs Climb the Ranks

Internet for Everyone: Georgia City Finds a Way

Palm-sizing the scheduler

Internet Use Spikes Across Borders

Unisys ships 32-way server

'John Hancock' Goes Digital

For Success, the Top-Down Approach Isn't Enough

Cisco Names New State/Local Government Manager

Portals New Starting Point for Service

Performance is agency's trademark

Beware of rotten apples

Oklahoma Tech Center Connects Talent


In Brief

Investing Site a Draw in Wash.

Operating at tech's pace

Paperwork reduction scam

NOAA unveils Linux 'Jet' stream

NASA's new "spacecraft" ideal for small families

Juggling act

The Need for Speed

Seattle Measures its Digital Divide

IT and politics a bad mix

Tech Companies Team to Target Gov

Consensus Key to Oregon E-Commerce Pilots

Ariz. Residents Have Say on State Web Site

Fed brain trust formed

The right stuff

Sprint services added to the General Services Administration's FTS 2001 contract:

Building an agency metadirectory

Recipe for PBO

Commerce taps mapmaker

Postmarking e-mail

Kentucky Awards Radio Contract

GovHost.com Moves Local Govs Online

Army enlists Tinseltown

N.C. Launches Site That's Not Just for Citizens

The Circuit

Bringing outsourcing back home

Tivoli smoothes file sharing

MCI, Sprint juice up FTS 2001

Whoops! War plans online

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