Volume 6 Issue 48 June 5 2000


Clinton: Keep work force study going

NYC agency finds digital maps worth the wait

Snail mail to cyberspace

Web publishing simplified

Calif. surplus items up for bid on eBay

Gathering IT intelligence

Web activism on the rise

High-tech work force growing

Microsoft embraces biometrics

Just wait 'til next year


Biometrics: More than a helping hand

Illusionary automation

Senate shores up DOD security


GSA makes auction bid

Rethinking 'public' docs

Diagnosing errors at VA

N.C. companies join to bring Internet to all

NEA: Schools need $53.7 billion in technology

Earthquake Web site to the rescue

Intergraph expands GIS options

The Circuit

GAO drafts IT guide

Denver tracks vaccinations

Ready or not, the dot-coms have arrived

San Jose building permits online

Washington coalition attacks Internet crime

Procurement portal gathers support

Rules of the road

At a glance

USPS: Address unknown?

Signature squabbles

Ark. IT employees to telework

OFPP legislative changes

How PKI Works

Industry tackles 508 regs

The New Road Rage

Lining up for e-gov

Information access for all

Live video to aid L.A. rescuers

Making Web meetings a snap

Oracle makes grand play for data

Web expands boundaries of GIS

Conn. simplifies tech buying

HR services Web-enabled

Playing hard to get

IT departments must evolve to remain competitive

Cities populating World Wide Web

Marketing 101

Marketing ideas for promoting e-government

States struggle with welfare reform

N.C. revamps Commerce site

Software AG debuts XML database

How to make FTS 2001 work

Pentagon seeing 2020

USPS: Fighting for survival

How will the Patient Safety Reporting System work?

Grants will help build tech centers

Agarwal takes post at NIC

Cyber. Covered.

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