Volume 6 Issue 55 July 3 2000


When the 'cookie' crumbles

Letters to the Editor

SGI delivers higher 'octane'

'My N.C.' on the way for citizens

Cyberspace can improve our living space

ANSWER roles

VPN: Light at the end of the tunnel

FAA tackles runway hazards

Netgov.com joins e-fray

Conditions of the FirstGov brand

Partnerships shape IT work force literacy

Portal will help e-gov click

Avoiding a logistics death spiral

Building onto the system

Countdown to national missile defense

Who's under the NMD umbrella?

Portable learning

Roads not taken

Va. governor outlines e-gov plan

Conn. public TV gets $2M to go digital

Closing a deadly digital divide

Web notices now the law in Alaska


Commerce starting over with Commits

Financial-flavored XML takes shape

Who's on FirstGov?

A VPN primer

Pa. makes spreading computer viruses illegal

Supercomputer souped up

GAO again fails Energy security

Portal would customize federal info

Michigan to post lesson plans online

Building the Army's confidence in high-tech

Securing home, workplace

Arkansas has ANSWER to the welfare question

VPN glossary

Calif. seeks $10M for e-gov

The Circuit

ERP tips

Championing share-in-savings contracts

Industry Watch

A waste of Thrift Savings

Spreading the word

Navy CIO: Most jobs safe

Report: DOE lax on spies

Hit the mall for free technology access

Betting the planet on IT

Collision-warning radar on course

Tech, gov leaders to debate e-gov privacy

Toshiba revs notebook lines

The perfect forecast

On a collision course

Houston schools spell management success 'ERP'

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