Volume 6 Issue 60 August 7 2000


No vacation from e-gov

Waiting on 64 bit

Tech may track choppers

Safety in the snow

File this away

Army networking soars with Openwings

Taking wing

Opening GIS borders

Screen readers open Windows for the blind

Illinois Web site aims to help families

Traffic cop

13 rules for accessible Web pages

Nipping at FTS' heels

A notebook with zip

Wisconsin revamping tax system

Security complex

Virtual school planning: Tips for policy-makers

Last call for liquor license confusion

Warding off PC spies

A server that's worth the price

High-tech security covers GOP convention

Biz leaders jump on 'technotrain'

'Son of Windows' to control carrier

How FBCA works

A guiding standard

A thing we can agree on

Rules of the sky

OMB clarifies e-gov guidance

Testing IT's effect on drivers

Why 64-bit computing is faster

States seeking bridges so PKI can span systems


Tightening the belt

Md. lists tardy taxpayers online

En route to safer skies

Making runways safer

What workers don't know

Making health care 'smarter'

Chicago targets minority-owned businesses with Web site

The circuit

Taking on telecom security


Devising new lures

Smart roads and smarter vehicles

States find cards a smart solution for health care

A fast Internet connection for all

Keeping DOD on the right track

Smaller counties less Net-driven

Comparing screen readers

Federal CIO, Act III

The ones that got away

In command

Look outward to fix the IT worker crisis

Portal will link cities, businesses

Out front on access

To sue or not to sue

Online bidding running in Missouri

On the table


Letters to the Editor

Who's supporting Itanium

Openwings team open to collaborators

Ark. IT workers get more than 'office with a window'

Want to go to jail?

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