Volume 6 Issue 69 September 4 2000


Pa. borough to pilot community portal

Pennsylvania seeking a bigger bang for its IT buck

Defending digital empires

Partnership joins gov, customers

IT industry cries foul

Make room for fiber optics and fly-fishing

Survey reconfirms IT staffing woes

Move over infomercials: A suburb buys cable time

Govolution goes after local market

Making the grade

Conn. strengthens access for disabled

Postal Service adds Internet route

Get the word out

DLA boosts business registration

Can the Net revive the vote?

Service agreements smooth San Diego outsourcing effort

E-voting: Worth the work

Storage jobs put on the line

Competition takes a holiday

Weather, traffic online in Wash.

Ex-deputy CIO fined $30K

How we tested

Take it slow

Small, simple computers for cops on the go

E-procurement hub connects gov buyers

Ind. lobbyists register online

Chicago gets smart about transit

Navy secures supply lines

Full strength at OMB

Download clampdown

Project management on the fly

The Bert Concklin file

Moving IRS into the future

CivicLife getting personal

NAS buying tips

'Freewheeling' states jumping into e-gov

Ind. creates 'superhighway'

One if by phone, two if by fax

No red tape

Getting a grip on handheld security

Agencies rally behind DOT system

Energy tool assists IT analysis


'Rocking the vote' is worth the effort

When clicks go bad

Making expert decisions

Knowing NAS from SAN

Software that filters

Good agreement, good team

A portal for all reasons

Passport data on the go

Cyber. Covered.

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