Volume 6 Issue 76 October 2 2000


DFAS mulls outsourcing pay system

Net transactions: A style guide

NetVault 6

Energy wires Web portal to fuel easy user access

Shopping network boosts local government clout

Guide to online learning

CDs play well in Florida crises

A law anything but uniform

Preparing for inevitable threats to security

Security: Who should be in charge?

New Jersey taking hard look at computer crime

Quick tips for accessible Web sites

DOT firewall can't take the heat


Key components of UDDI

Enabling the disabled

Citizens wield power through technology

SSA gives customers some TLC

GSA uploads offices for new president

Military mines for golden technology

Companies sign on for e-tax filing service

Navy open for e-business

An e-business agenda

Schools supplied

The Circuit

A case of arrested development

Match game: Teachers, schools meet online

Audit scorches DOT security

Poll reveals Americans' e-government agenda

New way to get archives

Pennsylvania streamlines contracting procedures

Outsourcing: Read between the lines

Idaho lawmakers go to boot camp

More low-income people discovering the Net

States sign CSC to prevent fraud

Digging for data treasure

A how-to for reducing agency paper

'A nice turnaround'

Pentagon bolsters net mandate

Balancing act

Which intrusion is worse?

Going for the gold

Site speeds answers to farmers

County marries Webcasts to weddings

Racing the Olympic clock

Internet use guidelines

Election season heats up e-mail debates

E-mail lists taking off in Wash.


Web mining: The next big thing

From FIDNet to AIDC

Hey, private sector, it takes two to partner

A 'real-life' perspective on e-government

Taking a mulligan on PC setups

Configuration data: Go figure

Puerto Rico plugs in populace

Shadowing cyberslackers

Letters to the Editor

W.Va. equipping elderly with computers

Study: E-gov can't stop now

Elements of the Automated Intrusion Detection Capability

E-government's hidden gem

Risky Business

DOD rolls out smart cards

Ala. pilots virtual high school

Alaskan tribes launch Web site

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