Volume 7 Issue 15 May 7 2001


Have IT your way

Doubters inspect Kiva

Staffing woes spur Peace Corps move

Shooting for the moon

Florida wants a privacy watchdog to protect citizens and information

Report from the field: Peace Corps leads the way

A maturing federal market

Denver schools choose Epylon

AT&T disputes FTS award

DOD intelligence mulls digital legal banks

Breaking down racial profiling

Faster, easier DOD EMall planned

Georgia to outsource telecom

Minnesota network stalls

GovOne joins e-payment arena

The e-mail contract problem

Sharing data, protecting privacy

Security big winner in DOE budget proposal

Composer copier gets speed boost

Point man on agency IT

Relocation hassles

San Carlos' vision for smart growth

Crime stats at Pennsylvanians' fingertips

Oversight, not overreach

Idaho's rules get in step with its technology

Politicians plug in

NSA may widen outsourcing

Life's lessons learned

Coast Guard confident despite Deepwater wake

Wireless in the wings

Legislators online

Gone in 60 seconds

Navy's huge outsourcing project sets sail

On the track of hidden assets

The way things (should) work


Health scare heads-up

E-gov bill wins some GOP support

'Glued together' at NSF

Letters to the editor

OMB's performance push

Researchers advance to middle

GSA IT schedule sales from fiscal 1998-2001 (in millions)

Fed Web defacings called 'nuisance'


Fingerprinting meets city's price and need for simplicity

Biometrics leap not to be taken lightly

Los Angeles' attempt to spot at-risk officers

Asset-management lessons learned

The circuit

Accessibility regs leave many in fog

Scheduling a service fix

Navy sets Web-enabling plan

The Web connection

DMV busts license scams

Tech tracking value of school programs

Teachers like the Internet -- if they use it

Skin-deep security

How firms get a schedule

County promotes online petition

Where's the CIO?

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