Volume 7 Issue 19 June 4 2001



Akamai handles agencies' Web traffic

A way to grow more storage

CIO Council has 'practical guide'

Gov.Works mulls new biz

HP pumps up the e-pc

The more things change

Arkansas nears IT overhaul launch

HUD's enterprising effort

AMS lures Washington's Kolodney

Spy planes get upgrades

EzGov solidifies e-gov alliances

E-mail overload

D.C. court mandates electronic filing for some civil cases

Pennsylvania schools add AOL software

Agencies wrangle with E-FOIA requests

Minding your online business

NASA: Outsourcing's a go

Tech takes new stage in Senate

Agencies may tap DOD for simulation skills

Watchdog neighbors win with GIS

Office XP gets mixed reception from feds

Every inch of New York City

Microsoft, GovPartner form team

Meet your mayor...online

Stop the spam

Sealing the deal

Avoiding traffic jams

More power to the CIO

GAO wants to lead by example

Navy mulls user access for NMCI

How some jurisdictions are managing

A sample of hosting providers

Rebates pose challenge for IRS systems

Hyperlinking to city hall

Tackling the e-mail tsunami

Agency finds its Web voice

Letters to the editor

The junk e-mail blues

Virtual library now open in Connecticut

Help is on the way

Blueprint in the works to erase government walls

508 relief is on the way

XML: Immature but growing

Disability round about

Foraging for storage

Life after the Air Force

How long do e-mail messages stay fresh?

Vendors say buying reg too vague

Lincoln County rejects SAN sticker shock

ICMA taps buying partner

Tool can help balance the books

AT&T renews FTS 2001 award protest

Public college among first to require laptops

He wants to be where the action is

The way reform should work

Who's winning the tech race?

Web privacy guides unclear

To save or delete?

FileTek adds support for large objects

Keeping an eye on Web traffic

E-voting experts: Put regs first

Creating a town center

The circuit

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