Volume 7 Issue 3 February 4 2001


Two FAA systems, a single cause

And forgive us our trespasses

Boeing plan brings nod

Becoming a true World Wide Web

Telecom wares unveiled at ComNet

Keeping records clean

A life-changing connection

Soldiers take e-university by storm

USPS chief plans his exit


Cheney associate to take key OMB job

Where it began

Bids flow to GSA auction Web site

What a lousy reception

Energy strikes it rich with knowledge portal

Vendor ethics rule halted -- for now

XML security fix in the works

CyberCop blows the whistle on networks

Crossed wires

Prison keeps eye on inmate computer use

Federal Web sites: half-cocked snapshots

Making the most of a golden opportunity

Tucson's intern program gets the job done

Still no revolving door

Cures for the workforce blues

Panel maps info reform

Tackling privacy, security on the Web

NIMA 'inadequate' in analyzing spy data


A visible search for high-volume traffic

Bay area communities get smarter

California's photo finish

Alabama interaction automated

New York wiring money to IT

Gateway adds global tech support

Agencies fill IT pay gaps

DOD rapped on Web tracking

GovWorks sells off key tech, files for Chapter 11

Memphis takes plunge into IT outsourcing

State makes job application easier

Letter to the editor

IT rules

The Circuit

Election reform gathers momentum

Horn retains IT oversight

Software development: rethinking reuse

Internet taxes: Stalemate as status quo

Procurement council to unveil strategy

Company soups up traffic simulator

San Diego aims to speed police work

Sharing the wealth

The art of persuasion

Massachusetts shines IT spotlight on capital assets management

Alaska glitches leave FAA in a fix

CIOs see growth in stature, challenges

Senators raise stakes on election reform

Retooling the economic engine

In his wake

Computers and our continuing education

ProDX's resolution: E-gov business

USPS inks computer deal

Industry raps Pentagon PKI

Cyber. Covered.

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