Volume 9 Issue 7 March 9 2003


It's about people

Beware of the watchdog

Preserving cultural artifacts

Customs creates project management framework

Alternative sharing alliance gains traction

Prevention vendors try to shed bad rap

Software saves money, helps environment

Motion Computing increases tablet PC display real estate

Rethinking federal networks

Air Mobility Command consolidates e-mail

Commander leads digital troops

Health care relief?

Fielding a 'prevent' defense

Security board eliminated

E-archiving still lacks enforcement

Good information: The key to good security

FAA flying right with new e-mail system

Web security standards no easy task

Storage firms lock down data

DOD wages financial management war


Army issues Future Combat solicitations

Defense Department ahead of the game

Management Briefs

Homeland preps IT buys

Copyrighting competition

Lockheed nabs WAAS contract

Get with the program

When two, or even three, is better than one

TSA awards passenger screening contract

XML allows Census to change directions

Displays, graphics adapters offer new visual experiences

Transportation builds security dashboard

Intrusion prevention

Samsung raises the bar for LCD displays

Transportation's plan more than just products

DOD puts security onus on commanders

News Briefs

Security net becomes tougher sell

Profile: Straight shooter

Spreading thin

Governmentwide security surveillance net takes shape

Liability concerns chill industry participation

Industry given say on architecture

Cyber. Covered.

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