IT Modernization

Aviation industry warned FAA system is 'a disorganized catch-all' years ahead of failure

A trade group has been urging for better backups to the system whose failure earlier this week led to a brief air traffic outage.

CISA to hold virtual meeting on $200M IT support contract

Eligible vendors can find a sources sought notice on GSA’s eBuy ahead of the pre-solicitation conference to be held later this month.

NASA spent $35 million on ‘wasteful’ software licenses and fees, report says

NASA’s current software management operations put it years away from achieving a centralized and consolidated enterprise computing model, according to its inspector general.

FAA system outage grounds all U.S. flights overnight

An outage to a system providing real-time flight hazard information led to a nationwide ground stop of U.S. air travel Wednesday morning.

COBOL: You’re thinking about it wrong

The workhorse computing language suffers from a “major image problem” rooted in fundamental misperceptions, researchers say.

Despite deployment woes, VA preps to unpause EHR launches in 2023

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress are continuing to support the rollout of the agency’s new electronic health record system, even as lawmakers remain concerned about the project’s cost and effectiveness.

GSA announces $14.6 million in CX-focused TMF awards

TMF announced awards for the U.S. Agency for International Development and U.S. Railroad Retirement Board on Monday.

GAO dings OMB on performance goals for agencies’ IT management

The federal CISO’s plan for getting agencies to focus on cybersecurity measures the administration considers most urgent did not go over so well in a shifting Congress.

FITARA scorecard sees 7 agencies increase their marks amid cyber methodology changes

All 24 agencies received passing grades in the latest iteration of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard, though 17 saw their scores largely unchanged.

Trade group wants IT modernization funding added to possible omnibus package

With federal appropriations set to expire on Friday, The Alliance for Digital Innovation urged Congress to include $100 million for the Technology Modernization Fund in any proposed budget deal. 

Technology at the core of State Department’s strategy to counter Russia, China

From countering Russian disinformation on social media to working with allies to set global technology standards, Ambassador Dereck Hogan said Tuesday that IT modernization at the State Department is a critical piece of U.S. diplomacy in the 21st century.

State Department unveils $10B enterprise IT services solicitation

The contract known as "Evolve" seeks technology modernization services in support of diplomatic goals.

VA tapped COVID funds to bolster IT and digital services

The VA used supplemental COVID funding from three different bills to support expanded telehealth services and remote operations during the worst of the pandemic.

Treasury selects commercial vendor for financial shared services market

CGI Federal will join three of the Treasury Department's shared services providers to offer financial management system software through a central marketplace for federal agencies.

DHS wants to deploy 'easy button' for cloud adoption

Deputy Chief Information Officer Beth Cappello said the department is developing a new contract vehicle to make it easier for coterie of components to buy cloud services.

NOAA planning to join DOD’s electronic health record system

A spokesperson for the office overseeing the rollout of the Oracle Cerner electronic health record system said that NOAA’s deployment of the software is “targeted for summer 2023.”

TMF invests in major disability employer's modernization efforts

The Technology Modernization Fund will invest $1.7 million to support modernization efforts at one of the nation's largest employers of people who are blind or have other significant disabilities.