2010 IT Security Buyer's Guide

2010 IT Security Buyer Guide

Security: Challenges and Opportunity Await Agencies

Agencies feel pressure from everyone—from the White House to internal users—to make security a priority. But some high profile breaches, a pair of legislative moves, the SEC porn debacle and changes to FISMA reporting are making that mandate more difficult. But with the challenges of security implementation come opportunities—to assess IT, plug holes, streamline workflow and encourage collaboration among agencies. This article looks at where agencies stand on the security landscape and where they need to go from here.

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FISMA Reform Brings Changes to Agency Security Strategies

The shift toward online reporting frees agencies from the rigors of periodic reporting and is more fluid, but it requires continuous reporting, constant vigilance and continuous monitoring. What will these changes mean for agencies? And what products and services must agencies invest in to ensure continuous monitoring and accurate reporting?

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Best Practices Offer Guide to Security

Successful agencies know what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to assessing, investing in and deploying security products, applications and services.

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Road to Open Government is Paved with Social Networking Sites

Social networking can be a boon for agencies trying to be more nimble, transparent and responsive to the public but Facebook, YouTube and other social networking entities create a variety of security headaches for government. How are agencies incorporating social networking into their security plans? And which products and services can help agencies monitor and keep social networking under control but allow users the latitude to use it to better do their jobs and serve the public?

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ONLINE BONUS: Threats, Solutions on the Rise

There are a bevy of security products, applications and services available on the market today and more to come. We take a close look at the major tech categories and the hottest products leading the charge.

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