Report: Accelerating the Networx Transition

Accelerating the Networx Transition

Inside Networx: The Players and the Solutions

Three years ago, the General Services Administration (GSA) unveiled its massive $68.2 billion Networx contract, promoting it as a more robust, technology-rich and cost-effective successor to FTS2001. While the value of Networx and the federal government’s commitment to it remain unchanged today, federal agencies are still struggling to make the move to the new contracting vehicle.

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State Of The Transition

One reason for the delay in agencies’ transition to Networx is the fact that there literally are thousands of existing connections to FTS2001, many of which are operated by agencies in a decentralized manner. That complicates the process of orchestrating the resources – particularly for larger agencies. But despite the complexity of the transition, one thing is certain: agencies will have to find a way to get it done. After all, the last FTS2001 bridge contract expires on June 30, 2011.

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Running The Numbers: The Networx ROI

If you’re the federal government, you don’t award the largest telecommunications contract in history without first being certain that agencies can save money and boost the functionality of their operations with more advanced products and services.  But when it comes to quantifying the return on investment (ROI), ferreting out those numbers is easier said than done.

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Managing Complexity

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No one ever said that the process of transitioning all federal agencies to the largest telecommunications contract in history would be an easy job. And in and of itself, the promise of lower prices and higher functionality can’t magically make the task easier for Networx contractors and their customers. Besides, working through security issues further complicates the transition challenge.

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The Networx Transition Checklist

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Although recent deadline extensions gave federal agencies a little relief, time continues to be a scarce commodity because when the bridge contracts end, something has to be in place to keep the phones (and other services) turned on. Given the Networx Ultimatum, what elements must agencies have in place to transition successfully?

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