Special Report: Storage Management

Storage Management

Making the Most of Storage

Effective storage management requires the right technology tools combined with information management practices to optimize space, safeguard data, and reduce costs.

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Storage in the Sky

Cloud storage is an obvious answer to the question ‘Where should the federal government put the data it is collecting?’ Yet while awareness of cloud storage and its benefits is high, implementations by federal agencies remain few and far between.

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A Hybrid Approach

To help federal agencies take advantage of the benefits that cloud storage offers while also minimizing risk, vendors and observers say a hybrid approach to putting data in the cloud may be the best bet.

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Engines of Efficiency

Storage efficiency technologies make the most of existing storage platforms by eliminating redundancies and boosting disk utilization.

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Simplifying Storage

With storage virtualization agencies can preserve their existing storage investments while taking advantage of new technology that can reduce management, and therefore staffing costs. 

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