A Dynamic 'Catalog by Request'

SEWP IV offers broad scope and ability to add new products quickly

Federal agencies never have to worry whether they will have access to the latest software or hardware using the SEWP IV contract because any technology they want or require can be added quickly to the contract, as long as the product falls within the scope of the contract and is offered at a fair and reasonable price.

“If a company is selling a technology that is within scope, they have to make it available to agencies,” said Joanne Woytek, NASA SEWP IV Program Manager. “It’s contractually required of our contract holders.”

SEWP IV’s broad scope gives agencies access to a wide range of IT products, while its “Catalog by Request” enables the program to add new products quickly to the contract. SEWP IV does not have a traditional searchable catalog; instead, agencies find the products and solutions they want and then request that the items be added to SEWP IV’s dynamic catalog. Under this Catalog-by-Request approach, products are quickly reviewed to ensure that they fall within the contract’s scope and are being offered at fair and reasonable prices. If approved, products are typically added within 24 hours of the initial request.

“The process allows contractors to respond to customer needs within a very short timeframe,” said Donna Norris, PC Mall Gov Inc.’s Program Manager for the SEWP IV program. PC Mall Gov submits technical refreshes to the SEWP IV program every afternoon. “We might add 25 to several hundred products each day in response to the Request-for-Quotes (RFQs) that are issued through the contract by agencies.”

SEWP IV Offers Broad Scope of IT Products

The NASA SEWP IV Procurement Vehicle is for IT products and product related services. Included in the scope of SEWP IV is:

• IT hardware including servers, laptops, supercomputers, etc.
• Network and telecommunication products
• Software products including Software As A Service
• Audio Visual products
• Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing products
• Peripherals and supplies such as printers
• Maintenance and warranty
• Installation
• Site Planning
• Product Training
Support Services such as operational support are available on a very limited basis – no more than 10 percent of the costs of products being purchased can be used to purchase initial support services.

Source: SEWP IV Program Office

Meeting Federal Mandates

The ability to incorporate new technologies enables SEWP IV to provide agencies with IT products to help them comply with evolving federal mandates for cloud computing, data center consolidation, security, telework, and other initiatives. For example, NASA used SEWP IV to purchase its private cloud solution, Nebula, which is an open-source cloud computing platform that provides NASA scientists with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for scalable computing and storage for science data and Web-based applications.

“If the technology is within scope and priced correctly, it can be added to the contract.” Joanne Woytek, SEWP IV Program Manager

The Catalog-by-Request approach allows the agencies to dictate the technology offered by SEWP IV, Woytek said. “We’re here when agencies have a need for any of these new technologies,” she said. “If the technology is within scope and priced correctly, it can be added to the contract.”

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