SEWP IV Takes Leadership Role in Federal Acquisition

An experienced program office serves SEWP customers well

With nearly 20 years of experience helping federal agencies acquire IT hardware and software, the SEWP IV program office is pursuing a stronger leadership role in helping shape government acquisition policy and assisting agency leaders in developing their IT strategies.

The SEWP I program was launched in 1993 as the first federal GWAC, and program officials have been in the forefront of many innovations that have improved IT procurement. “Programs like SEWP were trendsetters in streamlining IT procurement,” said Alan Bechara, President of PC Mall Gov Inc., who described IT acquisition as “extremely slow and painful” through the early 1990s. “Many of the things we take for granted in programs today were brought about by the successful policies and procedures of SEWP and similar programs.”

SEWP IV’s focus on leadership is expressed in the program’s new Vision Statement, which says SEWP “will be a visible, leading contributor to NASA and the Federal IT Acquisition Community.”

SEWP IV officials recently created a Program-Level Outreach Team that works with agency Chief Information Officers and other IT leaders to help them with their IT buying strategy.

Future is Clear with SEWP Vision, Mission Statements

This spring, the SEWP IV program office released new Vision and Mission statements to help guide the program in serving its customers, contract holders, and the government acquisition community.

SEWP Vision Statement
SEWP will solidify its reputation as an innovative, customer focused program as it seamlessly transitions to SEWP V and will be a visible, leading contributor to NASA and the Federal IT Acquisition Community.

SEWP Mission Statement
As an established and agile leader in the Federal Acquisition Community, the SEWP Program Office manages a suite of government-wide IT product solution contracts that provide NASA and all Federal Agencies with timely access to mission critical technologies.

The Program provides best value and cost savings for the Federal Government and American taxpayer through innovative procurement tools and processes; premier customer service and outreach; and advocation of competition and cooperation with industry.

Such efforts have already begun, said Joanne Woytek, SEWP IV Program Manager. SEWP IV officials are participating in the Open Group Trusted Technology Forum, a group of industry and government officials who are identifying best practices and developing standards for trusted, secure global supply chains of IT products. “We know this marketplace, we know the resellers, we know the technology, and we know the security issues surrounding counterfeit and tainted products,” Woytek said. “It’s important for us to play a role to ensure that the answers or solutions can work for both government and industry.”

The SEWP IV program is also seeking to work with agencies and industry in addressing pressing acquisition issues. Last year, SEWP IV teamed with Federal Computer Week magazine to organize a one-day Federal IT Acquisition Summit that brought together 370 acquisition leaders and professionals to discuss issues in depth, get help with their careers and education, and share insights into common challenges. “We tried to show what could be done,” Woytek said, noting that two similar summits have since been organized by others.

And the program is participating more actively with the Office of the Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office and others government organizations to collaborate in tackling issues such as strategic sourcing, acquisition regulations and reform, saving money, and other acquisition challenges.

“We are taking a proactive role and looking to assist them wherever they need us,” Woytek said.

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