Special Report

Agencies that are serious about leveraging mobile IT need to develop an enterprisewide strategy for fielding, managing and securing their devices. Mobility acquisitions at USDA and GSA provide some insight into the evolution of the mobile enterprise. Read More Here

Bring-your-own-device policies often have been adopted as a matter of convenience. But both IT managers and employees need to be aware of the hidden costs, both literally and figuratively. Still, it’s not all bad news. Read More Here

Mobile technology can lead to new ways of doing business that increase employee productivity and improve government services. But first agencies need to find ways to accelerate the process for getting applications developed and into the field. Read More Here

The evolution of mobile technology often seems to outpace developments in cybersecurity. But four agencies hope to spur the development of new technology and strategies that could improve the security of the enterprise and the productivity of employees. Read More Here

Cindy Auten of the Telework Exchange offers some pointers for managers overseeing teleworking employees. She also explains how telework can actually improve relationships between managers and employees. Read More Here