Research Report: The Virtual Public Sector

Research Report: Cybersecurity


The concept of good cybersecurity will always be a moving target because the field of cyber threats is always evolving as hackers develop new technologies and techniques for penetrating agency systems. A recent survey by the 1105 Government Information Group found that government agencies are eager to strengthen their defenses, both by buying new technologies and educating employees. Tight budgets are complicating these efforts, however, particularly when it comes to funding training programs. Nonetheless, the survey results show that agency officials remain committed to investment and to adopting emerging cyber strategies.


Government agencies are not satisfied with current efforts to protect their information from the dynamic threat environment, a survey finds.Read More Here

Despite constraints, government IT managers hope to maintain their investments in vital initiatives.Read More Here


Government employees are clamoring for more education, particularly in specialties directly related to their jobs.Read More Here


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Even as agencies look to upgrade the technology protecting their networks, they are hoping for new, more comprehensive strategies.Read More Here

Cybersecurity Research Report: Agencies Battle Cyber Threats, Budget Cuts

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