Now FedRAMP and FISMA compliant, our SoftLayer cloud (IaaS) and Drupal Cloud (PaaS) offers U.S. Federal agencies a robust cloud foundation for a wide range of agency missions. Choose bare metal, virtualized or hybrid cloud infrastructures in Federally certified data centers, without sacrificing performance or ease of use.


  • Free one hour consultation with a Federal Cloud expert

    Cloud computing can reduce the time it takes to stand up applications and control IT costs. But how do you get started? By getting help from experts. IBM Federal cloud solution experts have been working with dozens of Federal agencies to help them make the move to Cloud. Take advantage of their expertise with this 60 minute free consultation. Learn More

  • Economy of Cloud

    Governments across the globe are being forced to do more work with less funding. As they strive to meet increased expectations from digitally-savvy citizens — and promote economic health for their regions — many government agencies are looking to technology for answers. Download this article to find out how the cloud can assist agencies in driving economic vitality for their regions by helping control IT costs, improving citizen services and sparking operational and business model transformations. Learn More

  • Web-hosting Consolidation with IBM Drupal PaaS

    Websites have high fixed operational costs, including infrastructure, application and integration costs. In addition, each site incurs expenses for services such as disaster recovery and operations and maintenance. Download this article to find out how IBM Drupal solution can reduce costs while scaling to meet demands. Learn More

  • Ideal Workloads for Cloud

    Not all Clouds designed for the US Federal Government are created equal. Watch this short video will help you learn about the needs of different workloads in cloud environments. IBM Federal Cloud Leader, Howard Levenson, will discuss what makes IBM SoftLayer Cloud different from other cloud providers. Learn More

  • Cloud Security for Federal Clouds

    Security, Security, Security.... the 3 things that matter most when running federal workloads on the cloud. In this video, Howard Levenson, IBM's Federal Cloud leader, will explain the difference in security from Federal cloud providers. Learn More