The business world is evolving from a service economy to a digital services economy. As federal agencies continue working to modernize government business systems, they are looking to automate and digitize service delivery. The modern government agency needs automated content, process and governance solutions. This can help save costs, increase efficiency, and improve security posture and adherence to compliance standards. Modernizing content, process and governance management systems can help agencies realize the benefits of digital services by automating inefficient processes. It is critical that agencies continue to define news ways of managing and delivering on their mission.

Content Services

  • Issue Brief: Advancing the Digital Flow

    This brief shares how government can disrupt the legacy IT modernization “status quo” with a new approach to IT content and process management modernization - a Micro Service Architecture (MSA). Download Now

  • Issue Brief: Prioritizing Content Management Modernization

    As technology continues to evolve, government agencies are having to confront the inadequacies of their legacy systems. However, the majority of the federal IT budget is dedicated to maintaining legacy IT investments. Read this issue brief and better understand how government can effectively update their legacy systems in the face of budget constraints. Download Now

  • White Paper: Advancing the Digital Flow of Government Business

    As a government IT leader, you have spent a lot of money on systems to manage millions of documents within your organization. Yet, at a time when the FITARA act1 asks you for greater accountability, much-needed improvements in information management have not materialized. Your cost of managing and storing an exponentially growing number of paper and electronic records is skyrocketing. You are not alone in this information management dilemma. Download Now

  • White Paper: Connect People

    Today, government CIOs are under greater pressure than ever before to provide tools to increase knowledge workers’ efficiency, reduce costs and free up resources, and improve the image of the government in the public’s eyes. Optimizing the flow of digital information across the enterprise would allow the government to alleviate mounting pressures and better deliver on its mission. Download Now

Process Services

  • Process Services Datasheet

    Alfresco Process Services is an open and modern enterprise BPM platform that helps business users, developers and system admins to digitize a wide variety of business processes. For example, our customers have been increasing their operational and user efficiency by digitizing key business processes such as task tracking, FOIA request tracking, travel requests, optical fiber contracts, patient care pathway, fitness reports (FITREPS), as well as many others. Download Now

  • Issue Brief: Why You Should Take a New Approach to Task & Workflow Management

    The scope of effort and coordination it takes to run a government organization is difficult to grasp, especially when it comes to task management. Sometimes a single request involves dozens of people and hundreds of emails, documents, and records, and separate departments that have unique policies and systems to manage the process. Suddenly, mapping out what has already happened and what still needs to be done becomes more challenging and can result in mission-critical deadlines being missed. Additionally, security and compliance become problematic due to lack of transparency and oversight between disparate, ungoverned systems. Download Now

Governance Services

  • Issue Brief: Modernizing RM to Meet the NARA 2019 Mandate

    Taking an enterprise approach to records management is essential to a strong governance strategy and meeting the 2019 NARA Mandate. Download Now

  • Issue Brief: Why Archiving is Not an Email RM Solution

    Email archiving solutions are not the same as email records management solutions. Email archiving solutions perform primarily a single function: storing every email from the agency’s email server. Read this short paper to understand the benefits and necessities of using an email records management solution. Download Now

  • White Paper: Modernizing Records Management

    Records management is a critical function at every level of government, on a global scale. Virtually every public operation relies on records – whether it’s assessing the impact of programs, improving business processes, managing finances, sharing research, or responding to congressional inquiries or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. By keeping records, societies are better equipped to protect the rights and interests of citizens, hold officials accountable for their actions, and document a nation’s history. That’s why responsible and effective governance is tied, in large part, to the ability to steward this information capably. Download Now

  • White Paper: Secure Data Management

    Across most agencies, exponentially growing information is kept in siloed repositories. Authorized users have no easy way of identifying where the content they need is stored, how many copies exist, what the classification level is and what should be archived or destroyed. Today, it is not enough for government cybersecurity measures to reinforce the perimeter, but also create a platform that users will use. Download Now