• Digital By Design Drives Future of Digital Services

    Digital services are the future of government. To ensure digital transformations are effective and secure, BlackBerry has developed six strategies. Those strategies include adopting a mobile-first approach and implementing secure, real-time communications. Read More Here

  • The Mobile-First Mindset

    Agencies have improved the way they prioritize mobile services, but there remains much to be done. Federal decision-makers believe mobile devices are critical to their jobs. And mobile access is just as important to citizens who must interact with government. This focus on mobility is driving the new model for digital services. Read More Here

  • Secure Real-time Comms is Key

    Secure, real-time communication is critical for government employees. When looking for a real-time secure communications platform, it’s important to ensure it has been architected specifically for mobile devices. To ensure interoperability, secure messaging solutions should work seamlessly between all mobile devices. Read More Here

  • Collaborate Across Silos

    The need for collaboration has never been greater than it is today. Without the right infrastructure and tools, the same problems that have kept agencies from collaborating effectively continue to do so. These problems create silos of information and people that can be difficult to overcome. Read More Here

  • Mobility and the Cloud: A Natural Match

    As more agencies become comfortable with the cloud, simplifying and unifying these types of enterprise management processes in the cloud can make a lot of sense. One of the most effective ways to do this is moving to a cloud-based enterprise management system—one that combines enterprise mobility management (EMM), file sharing, secure voice, video and chat, and emergency communications systems. Read More Here