• Business Grows Quickly After Cautious Start

    NETCENTS-2 is a sprawling, seven-year contract with a total ceiling of over $24 billion—double that of NETCENTS-1. It covers five different categories: NetCentric Products, Network Operations (NETOPS) & Infrastructure Solutions, Application Services, IT Professional Support/Engineering Services (ITPS), and Enterprise Integration & Services Management (EISM). Read More Here

  • Mandatory Use Creates Stable Base

    A September 2014 memo from the Air Force Secretary’s office, reinforcing an earlier instruction, points out the requirements for NETCENTS-2 contracts had been specifically designed to support increasingly network-centric military operations. The contracts support not only new technology lifecycles, but also sustaining and reengineering legacy operations. Read More Here

  • Cost Reduction Promotes Better Relations

    In introducing the Bending the Cost Curve (BCC) program, then Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James stated it was designed to encourage innovation and to drive down the cost of systems. It also intended to help the Air Force partner more closely with industry. Read More Here

  • Small Business Contracts Essential to Strategic Buying

    When it comes to the Air Force, in the full and open NETCENTS-2 Products category alone, 23 percent of the total obligated dollars are reserved for small business subcontractors. For NETCENTS-2 overall, if all the goals are met, small businesses could walk away with a little less than half of the total $24 billion ceiling. Read More Here

  • New Contract Shows Small Business Success

    While boosting small business participation in Air Force procurement was a major goal for NETCENTS-2, it wasn’t clear what the response would be to the expanded opportunities. A major vehicle to test that was the Applications Services Solutions small business IDIQ. Read More Here