• SEWP Still Leads the Way

    With nearly 150 approved contractors, a huge array of products, and stellar customer service, it’s no surprise NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) is still going strong after 24 years. Read More Here

  • SEWP at Your Service

    When it comes to customer service, SEWP leaves no stone unturned. That’s why, besides the standard FAQs, forms, documents, and live chat, SEWP has a 50-person customer service team ready to step in and help at a moment’s notice. That team can help with everything from setting up a contract and figuring out how to get the products you need to submitting quotes and troubleshooting. Read More Here

  • Collaboration is Key

    The ability to collaborate—within an agency, among different agencies, among federal and state agencies, and with the private sector—has never been more important. Effective collaboration fosters shared services, saves money, increases efficiencies, and leads to more effective services. Read More Here

  • The Many Uses for Advanced Data Visualization

    Investing in a data visualization solution via the SEWP contract is the first step an agency can take toward greater efficiency, productivity, constituent service and cost containment. Read More Here

  • With the Right Tools, Big Data Provides Great Insight

    For most agencies, hosting big data and analytics solutions in the cloud makes a lot of sense. It is an effective way to gain the flexibility and scalability required with fast-growing, diverse data sets. Read More Here