• VDI Set for Strong Growth Across Government

    For a technology that is still trying to gain footing in the government arena, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) already has a fairly extensive history. After a tottering start some 10 years ago, issues like security and enterprise IT management continue to bring it to the forefront and the technologies that support VDI have matured to better meet these needs. Read More Here

  • VDI Can Bolster Cyber Defenses

    As security has risen on the list of priorities for government agencies, the advantages of VDI are becoming more apparent. Of all the benefits that VDI can provide, more than 80 percent of respondents to a recent study by the 1105 Public Sector Media Group listed security as a “very important” reason for adoption. Read More Here

  • VDI Has Many Advantages and Challenges

    The problem for many of the agencies not yet considering or using VDI is that more nuanced and longer-term reasons are difficult for IT to use when trying to justify investments to agency executives. But with all of the cited benefits of virtual desktops, it is clear the potential for VDI remains relatively untapped. Read More Here

  • VDI Boosts BYOD and Mobile

    VDI is increasingly pitched as a way for enterprises to provide IT flexibility; the ability to continually change the way that business processes adapt to requirements. On the desktop, that means being able to access applications and data as users require. Increasingly, however, much of that work is done away from their desks and out of the office. Read More Here

  • Agencies Differ in VDI Acquisition Plans

    So you’ve heard all of the arguments, you’ve balanced the pros and cons, and you’ve finally decided that a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment is the way your agency should go. What’s the best way to buy VDI? Read More Here