About CenturyLink

The future of digital government depends on modern IT services

At CenturyLink, we have an extensive portfolio of IT solutions to help federal agencies improve their operational efficiency, gain greater IT agility, and better manage cybersecurity threats and risk. 

We operate a tier 1 network with an extensive global reach that means we can provide government agencies with secure, reliable network connections wherever and whenever they’re needed.   We are also a proven provider of connected cybersecurity solutions to the federal government, with the ability to block cyber threats at the network level. Our built-in network security solutions allow us to help protect the nation’s communications networks and thwart cyberattacks before they happen.

Our dedicated government team is focused on supporting and advising federal agencies.  We help agencies modernize their IT every day and can deliver customized solutions via a number of best-in-class government contract vehicles, including Alliant 2, EIS, and more.

Let us help you modernize your IT today for a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow starts with the right network from CenturyLink.