The Belkin Universal Secure keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch makes it easier to use desktop peripherals at multiple security levels. Plug-and-play video compatibility works with DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort output/inputs, delivering up to 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate video. NIAP and Common Criteria Protection Profile 3.0 certifies air-gap isolation at desktop.

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  • Belkin Cybersecurity Workspace Flyer

    Networks security often focuses on assets (data centers) to the neglect of potential attack vectors (workstations). Hackers with access to everyday cubicle hardware can turn microphones into listening devices, reprogram keyboards to transmit data, and hijack USB speakers to transfer malicious code. Belkin’s cybersecurity solutions – secure display ports, desktop controllers and readers – protect organizations and their information. Download Now

  • Belkin Secure KVM Product Brochure

    Extending network security to the desktop has become necessary at a time of exponential increases in cyber attacks. The risk to data, IP and critical infrastructure is unrelenting. Belkin’s products provide a much-needed layer of protection by maintaining desktops’ air-gap isolation and improving operators’ efficiency and effectiveness. Belkin’s tamper-proof solutions have earned NIAP Protection Profile 3.0 certification. Download Now

  • Belkin Secure KVM White Paper

    State and local governments concerned about network security can emulate the best practices of federal intelligence and military agencies, such as the CIA, NSA, FBI and the Defense Department. Those critical organizations physically isolate their networks and assets from the public internet and anyone who isn’t authorized to have access. State and local governments can emulate the strategy by adding an air-gap network isolation solution to their arsenal of security tools. Download Now

  • Belkin Secure Switching FAQs

    As with most rapidly advancing technologies, desktop security solutions can be confusing. This FAQ document provides detailed information on a range of topics, including risks associated with using unsecure keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches, hardware components and supply-chain issues, anti-tampering features, protection against user errors, supported operating systems and keyboards, use with biometric readers and other issues. Download Now

  • Belkin Universal KVM

    Most secure keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches support a particular video standard. At agencies deploying air-gap network isolation strategies into environments supporting multiple computing platforms and video interfaces, the lack of KVM universality can quickly lead to cluttered desktops and spiraling costs. The Belkin Universal Secure KVMs solves the problem of incompatible video standards by simplifying the desktop experience for administrators and users. Download Now

  • Belkin Universal Secure KVM Datasheet

    The Belkin Universal Secure KVM’s ease of use belies its robust engineering and a host of advanced features, among them an innovative display technology that can simultaneously accommodate legacy DVI-D and high-resolution HDMI and DisplayPort input/outputs; a flexible, plug-and-play platform; optical diodes on all USB connections, assuring uni-directional data flow of HID filtered information with no signal leakage between channels; and integrated anti-tamper switches. Download Now

  • Video: Belkin Secure KVM Air Gap Video

    Online threats are escalating. Firewalls and antivirus software help, but they can’t guarantee the security of critical data. The only sure defense is an air gap that completely isolates sensitive information from the global internet. Belkin Secure KVM switches insert an impenetrable buffer between your secure system and your internet-connected computers – while still allowing both systems to share a keyboard, monitor and mouse. Download Now

  • Video: Belkin Universal KVM Product Video

    Cybersecurity threats are real. And they’re everywhere. Belkin guards against those threats by keeping sensitive information on secure isolated networks. A secure KVM switch helps protect networks where they’re most vulnerable – at the desktop. But what happens when new technology threatens to undermine stability? By eliminating complexity, the Belkin Universal Secure KVM switch protects security, performance and budgets. Download Now