• Nimble, Flexible Security

    Inflexible, outdated security mandates can be a challenge to implement. Worse, prescriptive measures often fall short of deterring contemporary attacks. A better approach might be guidelines that allow users to develop solutions that are appropriate for their risk profiles. Read More Here

  • The Weakest Link

    Global supply chains create myriad access points for bad actors to compromise security. Securing those supply chains will require a comprehensive solution. That means security could become a primary consideration in assessing IT contractors. Read More Here

  • Got Hacks? Get HACS!

    More agencies that are in need of quick access to pre-vetted IT support services are turning to highly adaptive cybersecurity services (HACS). The set of special item numbers (SINs) available through HACS provides direct access to vendors that deliver services aligned with requirements of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP). Read More Here

  • Trickle-Down Security

    Security can no longer be viewed as an external layer that protects business practices. Security is a business practice. Read More Here

  • Bigger, Faster, Smarter

    The guardians of government IT systems haven’t kept pace with threats from increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries. To close those gaps, agencies can start by developing a new security mindset. Read More Here