• EIS Targets Easier, More Comprehensive IT Procurements

    EIS replaces 93 separate Networx, Regional Local Telecommunications Services (LSAs) and Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS) contracts. It’s slated to offer telecom, IT and network services to agencies for 15 years, via a five-year base period and two five-year options. With a total potential ceiling of $50 billion, each of the ten awardees on the contract will get a guaranteed minimum of $75 million in revenue. Read More Here

  • Innovative Features Make EIS Lead for Government’s IT Modernization

    The Trump Administration further boosted the visibility of the EIS contract — already set to be one of the most important government procurement vehicles — when it named it as a pillar of modernization in an IT modernization report to the president in August 2017. Read More Here

  • Agencies Face Tight Deadline in Move From Networx to EIS

    The eventual success of the GSA’s EIS contract will depend on how fast agencies transition from using Networx, with which they are now familiar, to the new telecom and IT infrastructure vehicle. Read More Here

  • Integrated Security is Core Feature of EIS Solutions

    Cybersecurity has been a concern for federal agencies for a long time, but many have struggled to impose sufficient security in a timely and cost-effective manner. The EIS contract is one of the principal vehicles through which the Trump Administration is planning to boost security governmentwide. Read More Here

  • Q&A with Amando Gavino of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service

    Though EIS is a follow-on of sorts from Networx, it differs significantly in a number of ways. Amando Gavino, director of the Office of Telecommunications Services in GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, described what went into the design of EIS, and what that means for government users. Read More Here