• The 21st Century Data Center

    One of the best ways an agency can move toward modernizing its data centers is to start with a private cloud. Functioning as the nerve center of an agency’s data center requirements, a private cloud is a natural hub from which to grow a multi-cloud data center solution. Read More Here

  • The Managed Services Choice

    To beef up authentication of network users, a Defense Department agency recently hired a managed services company to oversee its identity access management program: authenticating users, managing digital identities, authorizing access to resources and fully integrating all identity services and dashboards. The company also updates, secures, monitors and manages those assets, continuously. The arrangement is hardly rare in the federal sector, where agencies increasingly are turning to managed services firms to bridge resource gaps and perform critical functions. Read More Here

  • Mobility: Full Speed Ahead

    Eager to deliver faster, higher-quality healthcare to nine million military veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs in recent years acquired a sophisticated telemedicine system that is growing and evolving. VA has also redesigned its mobile apps to work with a variety of mobile devices. As a result, the system’s healthcare professionals are using mobile devices to access critical health information and communicate with colleagues and patients almost anywhere in the world. Read More Here

  • Working Together Through Technology

    Some agencies are finding better ways to collaborate. Using full-featured collaborative tools, team members can work together via voice, video, messaging or with IP-based tools such as whiteboards. And they can do it in real time, no matter where employees work. These capabilities are important for today’s federal employees, many of whom work remotely. Read More Here

  • Making Sense of the Data Deluge

    That security camera connected to your network? It’s a rich source of data. That email log? Another great data source. The same is true of transactions, social media posts, VPN logs, routers and switches, posts, mobile location data, equipment diagnostic records, machine logs, documents and much more. The challenge is finding a way to make sense of the massive data flow that continuously surges into agencies’ systems. Read More Here