As government agencies work to move away from legacy systems and integrate new technology, they are met with many challenges, as well as options in solutions. Rubrik's mission is to ease that process. Armed with industry's most comprehensive portfolio of government certifications and accreditations across the hybrid cloud, Rubrik secures data across all locations—on premises, at the edge, and in the cloud—and delivers backup, replication and archival in a single solution.


  • Boost Efficiency, Cost-effectiveness with Cloud

    It’s not easy wrestling the cloud into submission. Using a smart platform and a tag-team approach can make the difference. Rubrik’s platform helps agencies get into the cloud, shrink data center footprints by 30 to 50 percent and automate time-consuming tasks. The right tool can also use automation to eliminate or shrink time-consuming tasks performed by employees. Rubrik’s self-learning system finds new ways to unburden human capital by automating and simplifying workers’ tasks. Download Now

  • Complexity, Security Hinder Agencies’ Transition to the Cloud

    Many federal agencies continue to struggle with making the transition to the cloud. Working with an industry partner can help by providing scalability, flexibility and cost savings. A product like the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform efficiently manages data in the cloud by consolidating multiple functions – backup, recovery, archiving, search, analytics and compliance functions – across the data center and the cloud. Download Now

  • The Benefits of Transitioning Legacy Systems to the Cloud

    It’s been seven years since the federal government began migrating operations to the cloud, and the potential payoff from such a transition remains sky-high. The question is how quickly agencies will fully realize that longstanding forecast and catch up to the private sector. Numerous obstacles, including security concerns and the complexity of transforming legacy systems, have prevented some agencies from making progress toward cloud migration’s ultimate goals – or even starting. The silver lining, experts say, is that migration to the cloud can begin without having a deep understanding of the technology at the outset. Download Now

  • Solutions and Strategies for Managing the Cloud

    Mike Wilkerson, executive director of sales engineering for Rubrik's federal group, joined other government IT thought leaders at the FCW Cloud Summit in Washington, D.C., in April. Wilkerson, along with IT leaders from the General Services Administration and the Small Business Administration, discussed Solutions and Strategies for Managing the Cloud, as seen in this video. "The biggest hurdle is in keeping up with innovation," he said. "Just when you think you've got it figured out, something changes." Download Now