A robust relationship with the right IT solutions partner can provide the critical advantage an agency needs to advance and fully deliver on its mission. Given the fast-moving and complex IT market, a trusted partner is one whose expertise, skill set, accomplishments and culture position it to make a real difference on behalf of government clients. An uncommonly broad array of specialized talents, technologies, domain expertise, and proven program success across government and industry are among the attributes that contribute to such a successful partnership. In the case of Akima, a record of successful engagements with the U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence community and civilian organizations in 46 states and 12 countries reflects its commitment to helping government agencies achieve mission success.

  • On Demand Webinar:
    Today's Tech Refresh - Preparing for the Cloud of Tomorrow

    It’s no secret that maintaining legacy infrastructure can be costly. Outdated data center technology leads to lagging performance, inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities–putting agencies at increased risk.During this webinar, our experts will cover straightforward strategies your agency can employ today to drive efficiencies and lower costs, while also preparing for your next step to the cloud when the time is right. Download Now

  • Expert Q&A: Off-the-Grid Advantage

    In the era of technological disruption, unpredictability is the only constant. A world class IT solutions provider must be nimble and agile; have the backing of a large organization with a deep bench; and foster a culture of trust and openness that makes it possible to deftly navigate challenges. Download Now

  • New Cyber Realities Require a New Approach

    Traditional defense in depth strategies that protected agencies’ networks for many years are in most cases no longer the best approach. To stay a step ahead of adversaries, savvy IT security professionals are vigilantly monitoring and analyzing the cyber landscape, mitigating known hazards and nimbly shifting tactics to neutralize threats that can mutate with the adroitness of drug-resistant viruses. Download Now

  • Technology Awareness:
    The Automated Service Desk of Tomorrow, Today

    IT service desks play an important role in helping users resolve IT problems, yet they often result in long wait times and lost productivity. Automated enterprise service desks help agencies to regain productivity and cut downtime costs. Download Now

  • Best Practices in Cloud Migration: The Why, the When, the How

    Moving data center assets to the cloud is a solid business move that can nonetheless be complicated, slow and confusing. Following a few best practices can make for smoother data migration that results in efficiencies, cost savings and agility, making it easier for agencies to advance their missions. Download Now

  • Akima ACE Fact Sheet:
    Automation for Complex Enterprises

    Akima ACE is a proven process for implementing an automated tier 0/tier 1 enterprise service desk. Through intelligent automation and an intuitive user interface, the system self-diagnoses common computer and IT issues allowing IT staff to focus on higher priority issues. Automating the enterprise service desk reduces costs on IT support, improves customer experience and streamlines routine tasks. Download Now

  • IT & Mission Support Fact Sheet: Akima Cloud Solutions

    A successful cloud migration involves two key elements: planning and prioritizing. However, the strategies you take to get to the cloud depend on the portfolio you are trying to migrate. Download Now

  • IT & Mission Support Brochure: Trusted to Deliver on America’s Most Critical Missions

    The technical revolution has transformed how businesses operate. With the click of a button, customers are treated to quick, easy, and painless transactions. But the federal government also has a business to attend to: serving taxpayers in the most efficient and effective way. Download Now

  • IT Solutions Fact Sheet:
    Providing the Expertise You Need Wherever You Need it

    Akima is a $1.2 billion Alaska Native Corporation with more than 40 operating companies, 7,000 employees and 30 years of experience in federal contracting. Competing in 8(a), small business and open markets, the Akima portfolio of companies delivers scalable, cost-effective solutions to meet virtually any mission requirement. Download Now

  • Akima and the 8(a) ANC Direct Award Process for Streamlining Federal Procurements

    The Akima portfolio of companies can streamline the acquisition process and deliver complete, cost-effective solutions to meet your mission requirements quickly and without interruption of service. Download Now