• Overview

    CIO-Commodities and Solutions, a $20-billion contracting vehicle, makes it easy for government agencies to order IT commodities that can be used on-site or in the cloud. Known simply as CIO-CS IDIQ, the contract helps cash-strapped agencies to modernize infrastructure while keeping costs low. Read More Here

  • A GWAC for Today and Tomorrow

    CIO-CS has received a Best-in-Class (BIC) GWAC designation awarded to contracts that meet rigorous management criteria. Among its attributes, CIO-CS was designed to save customers money. Read More Here

  • Focus on the cloud

    CIO-CS seeks to alleviate the burden of managing redundant assets by steering agencies away from owned assets and toward cloud-based managed services. A cloud-ordering guide produced by NITAAC includes best practices for buying cloud services through CIO-CS. Read More Here

  • Strategic Combination

    CIO-CS is one part of a strategic combination of contracts that provide agencies with IT services and related technology. If CIO-CS is unable to deliver the right service, they can use two companion contracts under the CIO umbrella – CIO-Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) and a companion CIO-SP3 Small Business contract. Read More Here

  • Striving for visibility

    NITAAC recently launched a new content strategy to provide industry with "useful and engaging" content on how to buy digital services. The effort includes increased use of social media outreach efforts to raise awareness of fair opportunity and how it streamlines acquisitions when using GWACs such as CIO-CS. Read More Here