• By the Numbers, By the Book

    In the course of providing federal agencies with access to IT products and services, NASA’s Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement (SEWP) governmentwide acquisition contract collects a lot of high-quality data about government’s tech purchases. Agencies rely on that data to comply with acquisition regulations and ensure accountability to taxpayers. Agencies’ acquisitions officials and other leaders also use those datasets to enable more informed decision-making. Read More Here

  • Feds Satiate Hunger for SEWP

    NASA’s Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement (SEWP) has revolutionized the way federal agencies acquire information technology. Since 1993, SEWP has added products, services and customers to serve government agencies that today are using or considering cloud-based services, live streaming capabilities and artificial intelligence applications. Despite technological change, SEWP has continued to work closely with partners across industry and government to provide exemplary user experiences. Read More Here

  • Decades Later, SEWP’S Still On

    The fifth iteration of NASA’s Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement (SEWP) governmentwide acquisition contract shows no signs of slowing down. Government continues to pursue digital transformation, and SEWP continues to regularly add new products and product-based services. In addition to SEWP’s ever-expanding catalog, the program’s leaders attribute its success to innovation and exemplary customer service. As of May 2019, SEWP V was sitting at $6 billion in sales, outpacing last year’s numbers. Read More Here

  • Contract Pillar

    Joanne Woytek is the program manager for NASA’s Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement, the popular and successful program better known as SEWP. For more than a quarter century, the governmentwide acquisition contract (GWAC) has given federal agencies access to the latest information technology solutions. Since the inception of SEWP in 1993, Ms. Woytek has been a key figure in the program’s evolution, managing its strategic direction, planning and day-to-day operations. Read More Here

  • IT Product Protection

    The complexity of global IT supply chains makes them vulnerable to tampering, malware and counterfeit products. To minimize the potential for problems in the supply chain, the Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement (SEWP) contract program office created the Established Authorized Reseller Program, or EARP, which ensures that a relationship exists between resellers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). EARP reduces risk in the supply chain and helps to ensure product reliability. Read More Here

  • About Connection

    Connection, a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider, offers the purchasing power to help your organization procure its mission-critical technology solutions both quickly and easily.

    For more than 35 years, our team of experts has transformed technology into complete solutions that advance the value of IT. As a SEWP V Contractor, Connection offers professional services, complete lifecycle support, and innovative ideas. We can even help you streamline processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, and maintain your organization’s sustainability initiatives.

    Connection is proud to offer custom-configured computer systems from an ISO 9001:2015 certified technical configuration lab at our Technology Integration and Distribution Center in Wilmington, Ohio. We also hold over 2,500 technical certifications that ensure our experts can solve any customer need, no matter how complex. Additionally, our GlobalServe offering delivers global procurement solutions through our network of 500 suppliers in 174 countries.

    Read More Here