Learn how you can consolidate multiple workloads reducing TCO by 59%, pay less as you grow more, remove or reduce infrastructure capex, leverage existing investments, and reduce administrative time by 92% with nondisruptive scaling and no downtime.

  • The Evolution of Hyperconvergence and NetApp’s Role in this Rapidly Expanding Market

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  • NetApp Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI)

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  • 5 Reasons to Deliver a Hybrid Multi-cloud Experience with NetApp HCI

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  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

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  • NetApp HCI with NetApp Kubernetes Service and NetApp Cloud Volumes

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  • NetApp HCI for DevOps with NetApp Kubernetes Service

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  • State Agency Cuts Costs, Moves to the Cloud, and Modernizes with NetApp

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  • Case Study: Discover how one U.S. civilian agency saves time, money and space with NetApp HCI while preparing for cloud migration.

    Modernization of aging government IT infrastructure is not only a best practice; it’s law. It's also an enormous challenge for smaller agencies with limited IT staff and budgets. The agency's first consideration was NetApp's Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI). Using NetApp HCI they would be able to easily integrate into their existing infrastructure and eliminate any disruption in providing employees access to internal applications and citizens continuity of agency information services. Download Now