• Worlds Collide as Augmented Analytics Draws Analytics, BI, and Data Science Together

    Read Gartner’s report on the convergence of analytic worlds; we believe you'll discover top recommendations for data and analytics leaders to capitalize on and exploit this newly-catalyzed market; what the convergence of once-distinct markets means for the future of data + analytics practices, processes, and people; and how to dramatically hasten your analytics maturation in this new landscape and avoid overlaps, confusion, and missed opportunities. Download Now

  • The Essential Guide to Analytic Process Automation

    What drives digital transformation success? In “The Essential Guide to Analytic Process Automation,” discover how the convergence of analytics, data science, and process automation is accelerating successful digital transformation and fueling business outcomes. Download Now

  • Analytic Process Automation

    Escape the trap of legacy analytics with Analytics Process Automation (APA) and go from raw data, to insights and outcomes that enhance service delivery, accelerate mission outcomes, and up-skill existing data resources. Watch the video and find out what APA can do for you. Download Now

  • A Radical Guide to Analytics Mastery

    In “A Radical Guide to...” you’ll discover how easy it is to switch to a modern analytics approach. Use the spreadsheet skills you’ve already got — but take advantage of repeatability, transparency, and all the other great features of workflows. Download Now

  • Mission Critical Analytics: Equip Your Team for Actionable Insights

    In "Mission-Critical Analytics: How to Equip Your Team for Actionable Insights," learn how a modern, self-service analytics platform enables DoD analysts to optimize capabilities, assess costs and quality, and leverage big data. Download Now

  • The Definitive Guide to Preparing Your Data for Tableau

    If you're like most data analysts today, creating rich visualizations of your data is a critical step in the analytic process. Visualizations let you uncover the opportunities hidden in your data so you can find the answers you need — and make the right data-driven decisions for your business. But, in order to create visualizations that lead to answers quickly, you need to prepare your data in the right way. Learn how in this complimentary resource. Download Now

  • Data Innovators in Government

    In government, the pressure to provide faster insights on your agency’s programs rests squarely on your team’s shoulders. Although we live and work in a world filled with data, quick access to information and insights can be impossible if you struggle with legacy systems and a lack of resources and budget. Learn how to free yourself from common data challenges in government to become the Data Innovator you were meant to be. Download Now

  • The Quest for Actionable Intelligence

    When your data — much of it unstructured — is scattered to the four winds, status quo won’t work. In "The Quest for Actionable Intelligence: Data Democratization, Self-Service, and a Culture of Analytics in the Intelligence Community," learn how a modern, self-service analytics platform enables IC analysts to make sense of unstructured data in a code-free and code-friendly analytics environment; move beyond descriptive analytics and into the world of predictive and prescriptive analytics without the help of trained data scientists; uncover critical intelligence by leveraging large, messy datasets and collaborating across the agency. Download Now

  • Government Healthcare Analytics Alchemy

    In "Government Healthcare Analytics Alchemy: Transform healthcare payer, provider, and patient outcomes," learn how to wrangle data from many sources and consolidate in a single platform to prepare, blend, and analyze; beat the data scientist talent gap by upskilling existing team members with code-free and code-friendly analytic tools; and upgrade your analytics with self-service predictive, prescriptive, and location intelligence capabilities. Download Now

  • Together We Solve: 6 Ways Analytics will Empower the Public Sector to Optimize Response to COVID-19

    For public sector organizations at all levels, the outbreak of COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges across many areas of operations, including pandemic tracking, citizen communication and engagement, and more. All these challenges are going to require an elevated ability to manage hundreds of thousands if not millions of points of data and derive actionable insight that can enable government organizations to understand what is happening, predict what might happen, and ultimately optimize their ability to respond, collaborate, and protect their communities. Learn how self-service analytics can empower and accelerate your response in this complimentary resource. Download Now

  • Alteryx for Government

    Empower your agency with a culture of analytics and improve the efficiency, transparency, and accuracy of analytics across your organization Download Now

  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite

    Uplevel your analysis with the Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Understand your semi-structured and unstructured data through optical character recognition, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling with Text Mining. Quickly build predictive models without coding or performing complex statistics with Augmented Machine Learning. Download Now

  • Alteryx Designer Free Trial

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