With multi-cloud environments, networks become more complex and harder to secure, manage, and control. Learn how new tools and techniques from Infoblox can make the task easier for agencies.

  • An Introduction to MITRE ATT&CK

    The MITRE ATT&CK framework is an invaluable resource for cybersecurity teams. By using this interactive database on attack tactics and techniques based on real-world observations, your security practitioners can better understand how cyberattacks work and make faster, more informed decisions when it comes to anticipating and repelling them. Download to learn more. Download Now

  • IDC: Unlocking the Power of the Cloud

    Learn tips for the success of ITSM tools as a solution to IT service management has resulted in its capabilities being extended to business-centric use cases. Download Now

  • DoT and DoH Present New Challenges

    Securing your DNS infrastructure has never been more critical: more than 90% of malware incidents and more than half of all ransomware and data theft attacks rely on the DNS vector. The good news is that two recent and evolving technologies designed to improve DNS privacy are making significant headway. Leading browser organizations have announced go-live plans for introducing DNS privacy in their respective browsers. Download this report to learn what these new innovations mean for your agency. Download Now

  • Securing Remote Workers in the Age of Teleworking

    As organizations work to support their growing remote workforces, it is important to consider the risks in consumer Wi-Fi connections, document shares on cloud folders and home browsers configured with plug-ins and applications that may introduce substantial risk. Download this resource to learn about solutions that will quickly ramp up their security to protect against phishing attacks, malware, and other cybercrime. Download Now

  • Powering SOAR Solutions from the Foundation

    As organizations seek more effective ways to combat cyberthreats, a new category of security solutions is gaining traction. Known as security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), these platforms are designed to make diverse security tools and systems work better together to accelerate threat response and improve security operations center (SOC) efficiency. Download Now

  • BloxOne Platform

    Enterprises are eagerly embracing the cloud for its agility, elastic scalability and cost efficiency. In order to reap those benefits, however, the core network services that make cloud interactions possible need to be as agile, scalable and efficient as the cloud itself. The BloxOne Platform simplifies networking by enabling organizations to access critical networking capabilities in cloud-native formats, provided as applications managed through the cloud. Download to learn more about how it enables organizations to easily extend functionality, including security and DDI applications, all while controlling costs. Download Now

  • Software-Defined DDI

    Legacy DDI management solutions are too complex and rigid for the demands of cloud-based application delivery. In order for organizations to fully realize the benefits of digital transformation at remote sites, they need something new—software-defined DDI. Download this resource to learn how software-defined DDI (SD-DDI) simplifies and optimizes the network experience by extending the efficiencies of software-defined networking (SDN) and SD-WAN for branch office users connecting to cloud applications. Download Now

  • An Introduction to Zero Trust

    Zero Trust architectures have become a compelling means for modern enterprise and government institutions to secure sensitive data in the face of digital transformation and the loss of the traditional network perimeter. Download this resource to learn the architecture's essential components, its core capabilities, and some important use cases that support it. Download Now

  • Cybersecurity Automation for Dummies

    While enforcing Internet security is just a part of what your organization does, breaking through your Internet security is a full-time job for hackers. Cybercriminals from around the world work around the clock to develop new ways to harvest your data, extort your company, or just disrupt your business. You can’t maintain a battle against such dynamic foes on so many fronts without the right tools to help. Cybersecurity Automation for Dummies is one of them – it’s filled with information about terminology, technologies, and techniques that will serve you well on your Internet security automation journey. Download it now to learn more. Download Now

  • DNS Security for Dummies

    The Internet is so intrinsic to modern life that everyone takes it for granted. However, a worldwide network of computing power doesn’t just work on its own. Over the relatively short life of the Internet, many sophisticated technologies, such as DNS, have grown to make the convenience that we’ve come to expect from the Internet possible. But, the Internet is also the target of attacks by unethical people. For that reason, it's important to know how to protect yourself and your electronic property. Download this ebook to get a better understanding of how the most common types of attacks work, how to keep yourself safe, and more. Download Now

  • Combating the Cybersecurity Risks of Government Telework

    In light of the recent expansion of telework across all levels of government, the attack surface now extends to each and every employee’s remote computer, often minimally protected by a home router or antivirus, meaning the risk of the loss of agency data or infection from malware is real. This webinar discusses these risks and ways to reduce or mitigate them. Download Now