As the challenges presented by the pandemic continue, agencies must still find a way to modernize their systems, support their remote workforce and protect their assets from cyber threats. SolarWinds has solutions and tools to streamline all those tasks, as well as survey results that show what other public sector organizations see as the biggest threats so you can chart the smartest course forward.


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  • IT Consolidation – What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

    IT consolidation has been a high-priority government and education initiative for many years. While many state and education organizations are already on board, or boarding quickly, the move may be born of a different catalyst than you may expect—certainly different than federal agencies. Download this white paper to learn more. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Best Practices for IT Asset Discovery

    Asset discovery has been both a long-standing priority and a challenge for government and education IT pros. As IT management has become more centralized, the consequences of not knowing what IT assets are on your network have increased. There are many stories about IT operations not having timely information about all of the devices on their networks and, in some cases, not knowing about entire network segments. Keeping track of the presence of dynamic IT assets on government networks is a problem that is not going to go away. Download this white paper to learn more. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Government and Education Webinar: IT Modernization & Consolidation Solutions

    In this webinar, a SolarWinds Government and Education Sales Engineer discussed how Solarwinds network and systems management products can help with IT asset discovery, provide visibility to help you make informed decisions on consolidating infrastructure, optimize existing data centers, prepare for cloud migrations, and set the stage for cloud and shared services. Download it now to learn more.


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  • The Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

    Every federal IT pro is more than familiar with cybersecurity for government networks, its importance, and its challenges. That said, taking a historic perspective and bringing that forward can help more effectively meet today’s compliance requirements. So, how can the federal IT pro keep up and stay compliant? That’s exactly the challenge this white paper will solve. Download it now to learn more.

  • White Paper: SolarWinds Annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Study

    Public sector IT professionals face a broad range of cybersecurity challenges, from sophisticated cyberattacks to complex new systems to employees who unknowingly introduce vulnerabilities into government systems. The sixth annual SolarWinds Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey Report—which has been expanded to include federal government, state and local government, and education (SLED) respondents—examines what agencies perceive as the biggest sources of threats and how best to overcome those threats. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Infographic: SolarWinds Annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Study

    SolarWinds has released its sixth annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey Report. This year’s report includes state, local, and education (SLED) respondents. The findings were both surprising and predictable. For example, for the fifth year in a row, careless and untrained insiders are the leading source of security threats for public sector organizations. Yet, in the education sector, respondents pointed to the general hacking community as the top threat. Download this infographic to learn more.

  • Federal Compliance and Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring

    Each U.S. federal agency must implement information security safeguards, audit these safeguards annually, and make an accounting to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). However, agencies face a number of challenges in implementing and monitoring these safeguards such as constantly-changing IT systems and a lack of specialized tools. The good news is that even seemingly small measures can have a significant impact. Download this white paper to learn more.