Data remains the biggest challenge for agencies in a move to the cloud. Making sure data is accessible and that large scale data can be used for powerful analytics requires careful choices. With many hybrid environments to choose from, agencies need to be able to depend on a consistent data platform in order to leverage data to make good decisions and drive agency mission. Learn about the options and how to blend the elements to produce a successful outcome for your agency.

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  • Delivering Government Data Context: Security and Governance in Support of Your Agency Mission

    In an increasingly hybrid technology ecosystem, government agencies find it difficult to operationalize their vast data holdings. The information is there in abundance, but leaders still struggle to apply consistent security, governance, and intelligence across their valuable data sets. Download this resource to learn about a new approach. One that is centered on “data in context” — an automated means to identify and track who is using the data, what analytics are being applied, and what schema or policies govern that use. Download Now

  • Delivering Consistent Data Context in a Hybrid Ecosystem

    Organizations today are leveraging data to drive more efficient processes and more effective outcomes. The highest value use cases rely on a variety of data analysis capabilities working in concert, yet this can be hard to achieve in a fragmented IT ecosystem. Instead, in a hybrid and multi-cloud world, organizations need data context – a single, coherent way to view and manage data processes across multiple architectures. Download this resource to learn more. Download Now

  • Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

    Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a data cloud built for the enterprise. With CDP, agencies manage and secure the end-to-end data life cycle — collecting, enriching, analyzing, experimenting and predicting with their data — to drive actionable insights and data-driven decision making. Download this resource to learn more about how it empowers them to unlock value from large-scale, complex, distributed, and rapidly changing data and compete in the age of digital transformation. Download Now

  • CDP Private Cloud: Bringing Cloud Technology to Your On-Prem Data Platform

    Download this webinar to understand how Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud helps you deliver an integrated data life cycle that provides simple, powerful analytics for high value use cases, secure and govern your data even with the most complex, multi-stage data pipelines, and optimize your infrastructure costs with an innovative, cloud-native architecture. Download Now

  • CDP Private Cloud Fundamentals

    Download Cloudera's Private Cloud Fundamentals OnDemand course to get a solid introduction to CDP Private Cloud. In addition to learning what CDP Private Cloud is and how it fits into the Enterprise Data Cloud vision, you'll also find out about its architecture and how it uses cloud-native design elements such as containerization in order to overcome limitations of the traditional bare metal cluster architecture. Download Now

  • U.S. Census Bureau Cast Study: Embracing the Digital Age with Enterprise Data Lake

    Download this case study to learn about the U.S. Census Bureau's Enterprise Data Lake initiative and how it will help the bureau bring together and efficiently analyze the petabytes of data collected in the 2020 census. Download Now

  • JIDO Case Study: Protecting Warfighters on the Battlefield

    Download this case study to learn how the Joint Improvised Threat Defense Organization was able to lessen the workload of day-to-day operations and return its focus to supporting and maintaining the safety of warfighters on the battlefield. Download Now

  • Enhanced Cyber Readiness: CDP for Government

    Cyberattacks are on the rise, as adversarial states and state-sponsored actors pivot quickly to take advantage of current events, including the disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Download this resource to learn how Cloudera's platform-based approach to cybersecurity can strengthen your agency's cyber posture and better protect you from these foes. Download Now

  • Supported Open Source: Scaling Innovation for Enterprise Grade Mission Success

    Today, agencies are looking to embrace cutting-edge technologies, streamline IT management, secure their tech supply chains and increase visibility into their tools and services. To meet this evolving demand, Cloudera is advancing its platforms for mission success—fusing the revolutionary innovation of open source with the integration, customized support and service guarantee you can only get from an experienced, professional enterprise IT services provider. Download this resource to learn more. Download Now

  • Using Cloudera Data Engineering to Analyze the Paycheck Protection Program Data

    Analysis of data from the Paycheck Protection Program (a direct incentive from the federal government for businesses to keep their employees on the payroll, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic) presents 3 challenges: First, the size of the data is significant. The amount of time to pull, curate, transform, retrieve and report on that data is time intensive. Second, the data set is likely to evolve, which will consume additional development time and resources. Finally, in a multi-stage process like this, there’s a chance things will break. Download this blog post to learn how Cloudera Data Engineering was able to provide the solution. Download Now

  • Harnessing Data in Motion for Government Agencies

    Today’s public sector organizations and government agencies demand a new standard for communicating and sharing information. That includes data-rich content that moves through environments, networks and locales. From being stored, analyzed and shared, to quickly and effectively moving between environments, to spinning up in clusters and informing endless applications—data is more critical than ever. Download this blog post to learn more. Download Now

  • Cloudera Streams Messaging

    Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) is a comprehensive edge-to-enterprise streaming data platform. It addresses the key data management challenges with streaming and IoT data for all types of enterprises. The Streams Messaging capabilities of CDF enable enterprises to ingest and buffer millions of streaming data inputs, allowing them to take on IoT-scale use cases. Download this data sheet to learn more. Download Now

  • Why Cloudera Delivers the Best Kafka Ecosystem Today

    In order to provide excellent support to hundreds of customers on their advanced Kafka deployments, it is not enough to just have the best messaging solution at the heart of your end-to-end streaming architecture. Flow management, along with stream processing and analytics, are two additional tenets that need to be unified with streams messaging capabilities. Download this white paper to learn how the integration of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) with the Cloudera Data Platform enables you to leverage the best Kafka Ecosystem today. Download Now

  • Data-in-Motion Philosophy: A Blueprint for Enterprise-Wide Streaming Data Architecture

    Download this solution brief to learn about Cloudera’s data-in-motion philosophy and to get a blueprint for evaluating and simplifying your approach to streaming data across the enterprise. Download Now

  • An Architecture for Secure COVID-19 Contact Tracing

    Download this blog post to learn about an architecture, and associated controls for privacy, for a data platform for a nationwide proactive contact tracing solution. Download Now