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An explosion in telework is adding to the challenge of avoiding security blind spots while attackers are growing more sophisticated. In our latest Innovation in Government report, experts discuss ways to defend against new risks by boosting telework security, enhancing visibility, using AI, building stronger security teams and more.


  • 2020 Trustwave Global Security Report

    As we enter a new decade, we take a fresh look at the changing face of compromise, from the ways in which increasingly sophisticated threat actors adapted in recent years to improvements in threat detection and response. The following report details the malicious, ingenious tricks and techniques cybercriminals developed to take advantage of people and systems. Download the Trustwave resource.

  • Securing Remote Workers in the Age of Teleworking

    Remote workers are seeking access to enterprise resources from a variety of endpoints, both work-provided and personal, as well as various mobile devices. The challenge is that many of the cybersecurity procedures used within enterprise facilities won’t work from remote locations without substantial changes, preparation and planning. This white paper will address these challenges and share solutions on how to quickly ramp up security using foundational network services to meet the needs of your enterprise and the rapidly growing remote workforce. Download the Infoblox resource.

  • Secure Remote Access for Your Government Workforce at Scale

    The ability to securely support a remote workforce is an essential component of any government business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Because government may be incapable of sustaining normal operations onsite, due to events like power outages, illness or flooding, it may even make it unsafe for employees to travel onsite. This solution brief details how you can securely support telework at scale. Download the Fortinet resource.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

    Every federal IT pro is familiar with cybersecurity, its importance, and its challenges. That said, a greater understanding can be gained by taking a historic perspective and bringing that forward: Knowing how—and by whom—cybersecurity rules and regulations were created, then connecting that information to today’s solutions. This perspective can help provide a broader understanding of one of the federal IT pro’s greatest challenges. Download the SolarWinds resource.

  • Device Compliance: Continuously Assess, Monitor and Enforce Policies to Reduce Risks

    Continuously assess, monitor and enforce policies to reduce risks. This solution brief will highlight the challenges and potential solutions for device compliance while working remote. Download the Forescout resource.

  • How to Vanquish Critical IT Vulnerabilities

    Many federal agencies are adopting technologies to improve transparency, efficiency and public trust. However, with government as with many industries, this is not an easy feat. Agencies and governments are increasingly tasked with providing more services to citizens with dwindling resources. It’s a daunting challenge — but migrating from unsecured legacy technologies to secure, scalable and cost-effective cloud-based applications can help improve their effectiveness in five key ways. Watch the BeyondTrust resource.

  • A Technology Solution for Protecting Federal Agencies from Insider Threats

    This white paper describes risks posed by insiders and federal guidance for managing these risks. It also describes a modern technology approach to automate hundreds of use cases related to detecting and stopping insider threats. In particular, it maps insider threat solutions from Exabeam against maturity elements of the National Insider Threat Task Force’s Insider Threat Program Maturity Framework. Download the Exabeam resource.

  • How to Defend your Attack Surface

    Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to attack your organization. They hunt for vulnerabilities on websites, on exposed servers in the cloud, and in other systems and services that are connected directly to the internet that are not actively monitored or that have little to no protection. Download the Expanse resource.

  • Zero Trust Privilege for Dummies

    This ebook explores: The basics of Zero Trust and the emergence of Zero Trust Privilege; real-world use cases for Zero Trust Privilege; how to assess your organization’s Zero Trust Privilege maturity level; how to get started with Zero Trust Privilege; and the myths and realities of Zero Trust. Download the Centrify resource.

  • SentinelOne Endpoint Security Datasheet

    This datasheet describes tiered product offerings known as SentinelOne Core, Control, and Complete all with available features to help stop ransomware and other fileless attacks with behavioral AI and strong automatic remediation functions. Download the SentinelOne Resource.